We’ll Eat Anything!

Our dogs are most definitely spoiled, and perhaps no more so than in terms of their diet. Since Harley and Scooter joined our family, we’ve made sure that they’ve eaten a healthy, organic dog food. This is mainly because of our last beagle – beloved Gus – died from a liver tumor. He was 11 yrs old when we adopted him, and he came to us having been on a diet of Pedigree dry dog food for most of his life.  You know, the rather cheap stuff, but we figured it was okay.  Until he passed quickly from our lives.  We’ve always wondered if that cheap dog food had something to do with Gus’ tumor.

Our beloved Gus

So when Harley and Scooter came bounding into our lives, they’ve been given the red carpet treatment where food is concerned (and yes, every other area too!). A couple of years ago our dear friend Renee told us of the benefits of feeding dogs a raw food diet. So we began buying pre-made patties for them.

Talk about living high on the hog. They eat better than we do! All organic ingredients, stocked with lots of veggies, and you can buy chicken, duck, pheasant and even rabbit (sorry Pat and Karen), though we primarily buy chicken.  And because the patties are ready to go, all we do is stuff some in a kong (best invention ever for dogs) for their breakfast and dinner, and voila, dinner’s ready!

We'll eat anything!

They definitely love it.  However, they pretty much like everything and being beagles, consider garbage and cat poop delicacies.  They are not discriminating eaters by any stretch of the imagination.

Since Harley and Scooter have been on a primarily raw food diet (they still get non-raw biscuits and other treats) they’ve had very healthy and shiny coats and better digestion (we won’t go into details).  You can read more about the benefits here.

It’s not too expensive and worth the investment, as we just want these sweet pups to be with us for a long time.

1 thought on “We’ll Eat Anything!

  1. I love this Suzanne! Yes, BARF World has spectacular information about raw diet! Thank you so much for sharing. Gus, I was just thinking about him today when I went for a walk at Blackie’s Pasture!! The pups too, Harley and Scooter! I saw a hole that looked like a gopher hole and pictured Harley with his nose buried down deep with Scooter right next to him patiently waiting for the rewards …

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